Thursday, August 28, 2008

Husbands are great.

I would have to say that I have the most wonderful husband in the world. I can't understand why he loves me. I do some really dumb things sometimes. I love him a lot.

I hate weeds. I am so sick of looking a really big weeds. I wish I were magic and I could snap my fingers and they would all disapear. That will never happen. But one can only hope.

I think the weeds are like trials. They are annoying but we grow from pulling them out of our lives.

Back to the weed pulling. Uuuuug!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is Messy

I really loved our trip to Oregon. It was fun. One of my favorite parts was the trolley ride in Astoria Oregon. We got to see the Goonie House. (From the Movie Goonies.) Some of you may remember that movie. Personally it is one of my favorites. I guess the whole movie was shot in the Astoria area.

Trevor started soccer and is having a great time. He practices every Tuesday and has games on Thursdays.

Logan is starting preschool and he is so excited. His preschool is called the Little Bee Learners. The teacher gave him a bag that he has to bring everyday. He also will get a shirt. He will be gone for a few hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I am busy now with something everyday. I liked not being busy but oh well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More from my Zoo

Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo. There are all kinds of animals mostly really loud ones. My neighor has this crazy rooster that sounds like Logan when he is trying to get Trevor to stop teasing him. It is funny because everytime the rooster crows I have to listen carefully to make sure it is not Logan. Audrey sounds like a monkey when she screams for joy and Kayson sounds like a hyena when he laughs. Trevor is like a snake always trying to sneak and get away with stuff he is not supposed to get into. But I love all my children. I think I want to get a sign that says welcome to the Zoo beware of all the wild animals and hang it on my door. Thanks to everyone who helped me get the page looking awesome. Audrey broke the cord to our camera and we have no way to put our pictures on our computer. So it will be a while before we get pictures. Will try to get them posted asap.