Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More from my Zoo

Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo. There are all kinds of animals mostly really loud ones. My neighor has this crazy rooster that sounds like Logan when he is trying to get Trevor to stop teasing him. It is funny because everytime the rooster crows I have to listen carefully to make sure it is not Logan. Audrey sounds like a monkey when she screams for joy and Kayson sounds like a hyena when he laughs. Trevor is like a snake always trying to sneak and get away with stuff he is not supposed to get into. But I love all my children. I think I want to get a sign that says welcome to the Zoo beware of all the wild animals and hang it on my door. Thanks to everyone who helped me get the page looking awesome. Audrey broke the cord to our camera and we have no way to put our pictures on our computer. So it will be a while before we get pictures. Will try to get them posted asap.


Crystal said...

Your page looks really good! Way to go!! It's a cute zoo you're living in :)

Cares said...

I love your zoo as well!! I laughed when I read it, I am not a mother but I feel that's probably how most mothers feel about their kids... Can't wait to see more pictures! Love ya!