Thursday, April 3, 2008


Yeah, It is starting to warm up. My kids love to play outside and do so everyday. I am glad for the warmth it better stay that way. Soon I will be taking some fun pictures to post on here. Trevor got his own camera for easter to take pictures for his blog. I am so excited for spring. I would love for my kids to stay litttle they are so cute. Look for fun postings comming up soon.


Amy N said...

I am VERY ready for the warmer weather to get here and STAY here. It is teasing me! can't wait for some pictures (especially Trevors-a budding young artist!)

Amy N. said...

Hey CUTE puddin 'n pie! I noticed you called a while ago-sorry I haven't gotten back to you. We don't have our cell phones anymore so when you are ready to change it up (although you have a little bit already) email me and I will get back with you.