Monday, February 18, 2008

Lean mean 16

Lets get to the skinny of things. Kids are there to make you Laugh, cry and go crazy all in the same day. They can also amaze you at a very young age. Logan is finally potty trained he takes himself potty when he has to go. Wahoo. He also loved his lesson about the Holy Ghost on sunday and keeps telling me neat things he learned about the Holy Ghost. His teacher gave them neclaces with a piece of paper attached that has a picture of the Holy Ghost on it He will not take it off becasuse he is not 8 yet and can not have it with him always so he has to wear the neclace so the Holy Ghost can be with him all the time (this is what he told me).
Trevor is the biggest help and the biggest tease. He makes me want to jump for joy and scream at the same time.
Kayson loves to wake Audrey up after I have just put her to bed.
Audrey is sitting up all by herself. Wahoo.

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